Friday, June 6, 2008

A Medieval Chess Set

A Medieval Chess, set that is sure to have everyone chatting and talking. Great detail was taken on each piece and this set is sure to have even the youngest of kids want to learn! Its a different type of play..there are fewer characters!

Medieval Knights Chess Set

A Chess set for Dad or for Home Decor

Show Dad that you know what he likes... or show the new daddy that you know what he wants. Many people play chess just to play, Why not get a set that is sure to set a style in your home!

Army chess Set

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Spring cleaning is here once again!

Every spring many clean their homes for hours, things that they normally wouldnt do all year. Painting, patio rearranging and getting all summer items out of storage.Time to take out the cooler items and put away the heavy comforters. At Lilyputts Home Decor we have many items to compliment your spring cleaning and decor

From mirrors for an entryway to:

Sconces to brighten up your home!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy New Year

Hello everyone! From the Lilyputts Family we wish you a safe New Year!

It seems home decor never ends. Most are updating, adding and rearranging their home and their home decor.

This year remember small changes can make BIG differences!

A simple table runner with a few candles can make a coffee table stand out in a room. Choose your colors wisely. Use complimentary colored candles and candle holders to accent your table as well.

Here is an idea: Use a multi candle holder to make the table brighter:

We wish you luck on all your home decor ideas and arrangements.


Friday, November 16, 2007

Around that Thanksgiving Corner

Soon Turkey day will be here and then...its Christmas.

Wow how the year has flown by. Dont you think? This year why not decorate with your homes theme in mind..Like southwester... A great cowboy boot to hang by the chimney with care, Santa is sure to give a great gift!

This holiday would not be complete without some really neat stockings:

Friday, September 7, 2007

Seasonal Gift Ideas and Decor


Wow, September already. The days are a flying. We do have some great halloween and fall decor to share with you! Any of our offerings can be for home decor or maybe to a friend as a gift. The choice is yours.

This lil BOO ghost is the perfect decor for Halloween! She/He may not scare anyone, but when it lights up, its sure to add flavor to your Halloween decorations.

Have a wonderful FALL!


Lilyputts Home Decor

Monday, September 3, 2007

Fall home Gift Offerings

Hello Everyone!

Wow, its the first of Sept, already! How the year is passing in a blur. Between now and the end of the year we will be sharing some of our gifts at Lilyputts Home Decor with you.

While it is hard to buy some gifts for some, others it can be relitively easy. Most of us ladies, and some men can visualize with how people decorate their homes. Be it from southwestern, to maybe contemporary, or even modern!

At Lilyputts we have some items that we are sure will fit in with most decor, and fill the bill in so far as gifts.

These nesting table are sure to add flavor to any home decor.

Have a wonderful day!